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Best in the MidWest! The Region Cup

Section C5A, receiving the Region cup at Sea Base.

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, Section C5A received the Region Cup at the Section Officer Seminar. The Region cup was created in 2011 to award one section from the Central Region that has far exceeded that of the other sections. During SOS, a committee of arrowmen look at numbers, progress, and gut feelings to determine the winner. After a great year of record breaking numbers, Section C5A was awarded this prize!

A special thanks should be given to each lodge and it’s leadership for pushing their members to attend events and stay active! The Section would not be possible if it weren’t for its lodges. A special thanks should also be awarded to last year’s Section officers for being persistent and bringing excitement to the Section.

This award is a great accomplishment, but we can also look at is as a challenge to keep up the good work and to become the first section to receive this prize back-to-back years and stay, “The Best in the Midwest.”