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OA Ocean Adventure (OAOA) is Back!

After a year without an Order of the Arrow high adventure program, the Florida Sea Base will be offering an Order of the Arrow Ocean Adventure program to service-oriented Arrowmen in the summer of 2011. The new Ocean Adventure has been revamped and will provide a significantly different experience to participants. The new OAOA will introduce Scouts to an environment found only in the magical world of the Florida Keys. Working among tropical islands, coral reefs, and majestic shores Arrowmen will grow and learn together with Scouts from around the nation, working as one in cheerful service.

After arriving at the Sea Base’s Brinton Environmental Center on Summerland Key, adventurers will embark on a trip marked with various service experiences around the Keys area. Mobilized by boat, sea kayak, and war canoe, OAOA work crews will provide service and conservation work to a number of different environments, working on trails, islands and fragile habitats for tropical fauna and flora. After 5 days of island hopping and cheerful service, Arrowmen will grab their sea legs and depart on a 5 day cruise of the world’s largest wilderness- the deep blue sea. With the help of an OA staff member and a boat captain, Scouts will navigate the Gulf of Mexico in a sailing yacht, developing team skills and leadership while learning all the more about themselves, their crew and life at sea aboard a sailing vessel (e.g., fishing, snorkeling, swimming, celestial navigation). The world’s oceans remain its largest mystery.Your ocean adventure will lead you to new discoveries about yourself and the world you live in.

A ten day adventure in the Florida Keys awaits you. Discover what servant leadership means to you. All Arrowmen who will be at least 16 and under 21 next summer are invited to apply. Applications are available online at Spots are limited in this inaugural year, so don’t wait to apply. The 10-day program costs $400

Click here to access the OA High Adventure web site

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